Window Films around the Home

Reduce Heat in Summer

Improve Privacy

Cut Out Glare

Decrease Fading

Window films have a number of uses around the home, where privacy, security and safety are all of paramount importance. Window films can drastically improve the appearance of your property, as well as having a number of significant functional purposes.


Whether it’s saving money on your energy bills, adding comfort and privacy or protecting your belongings against damaging UV rays, Cool View can help you solve a vast range of issues you may have with your glazing. Our excellent service includes a free home survey, quote and installation; and all films and installations come with a 10 year guarantee.


Cool View Window Film for domestic windows, privacy, and efficiency.


Cool View Window Film for conservatories and sky lights
Cool View Window Film for all domestic windows
Cool View Window Film for Conservatories and privacy
Cool View Window Film for Conservatories and privacy

Benefits of window film


Reduce Heat and Saving Money

Is your home always too hot or too cold? Do you feel you are spending too much money on keeping your property at a comfortable temperature? Our excellent solar films help you to maintain a steady temperature throughout your home, cutting heat from glaring sunlight by up to 82% whilst also keeping in warmth when it’s cold outside, which in turn helps you to save money on your energy bills whilst also reducing your carbon footprint.


Enjoy Your Conservatory All Year Round

Nowhere else in the house do we notice extremes of temperature like in a conservatory or orangery; they can be unbearably cold in winter and sweltering in the summer. This is such a shame considering these structures are certainly not cheap! Solar window films help to regulate internal temperature – even when when it's cold out – by reflecting the external temperature outward and the internal temperature inward. This helps you to maintain a more comfortable temperature all year round, so you can truly enjoy your conservatory come rain or shine.


Cut out Glare

We all love a bit of sunshine, but glaring sun in your eyes can be a real pain when you’re trying to relax. Moving furniture around isn’t always possible, and closing the curtains means you can’t enjoy the sun at all. Our solar control films are available in different strengths and are ideal for living rooms and conservatories where the harsh sunlight can be a problem. These films can cut out up to 94% of glare from the sunlight without obscuring your view outside.


Privacy without the Expense

When faced with a plain window in a private space like a bathroom, the fear of prying eyes becomes a significant issue. Take control of your privacy with a frosted or textured window film, which offer the ultimate in privacy without having to replace your existing windows. They're ideal for bathrooms or large picture windows, letting natural light in whilst keeping your space totally secluded.


No More Faded Furniture

Unfortunately, overexposure to natural sunlight can cause furniture, decor and flooring to fade over time, and replacements can prove costly. If you notice that your furniture is starting to become bleached by the sun, our solar films can increase the lifespan of your furnishings; they can block up to 99% of the harmful UV rays that cause fading damage to occur, keeping your decor looking its best.

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