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Window Films for the Workplace


Window films are an inexpensive solution to a multitude of glazing problems; offices, warehouses, shops and schools can all benefit from using window films somewhere on their premises. Cool View offer a vast range with both practical and cosmetic applications: whether it’s to help regulate temperature, save money on energy bills, provide privacy or heighten security; Cool View have a solution for you. Our site survey and quote is totally without charge, as is our fitting and installation.

We are a small, family run company, and we pride ourselves on the personal, tailored service we can offer to each and every client. Our team have over 20 years of experience in the glazing industry, and we are confident that you will be 100% pleased with our results. If you are concerned about after-sales, rest assured that our 10 year guarantee comes totally free as standard with every purchase regardless of the size of the project, and our friendly team will be able to respond to any concerns in a timely fashion.

Cool View Window Film for Commercial Business Premises
Cool View Window Film Installers


Cool View Window Film Enhances the Look of Commercial Business Premises
Cool View Window Film protects your staff and saves money on heating and air conditioning
Cool View Privacy screens for internal glass partitions

Slash Energy Expenditure, Lower Carbon Footprint

Solar window films can help your business save money on pricey heating and air conditioning. These specially formulated films include a metallic, reflective element that acts as a barrier to extremes of temperature outside, helping to maintain a pleasant temperature indoors. This reduces reliance on heating and air conditioning systems; slashing your energy consumption and improving your carbon footprint..

Safety, Security, Practicality

Regardless of whether it’s an accident or an act of vandalism, shards of broken glass can prove an immense health hazard. Cool View’s quality security films keep the pane intact even though the glass may crack; minimising mess and sharp edges and making clean up and replacement easier. If you are concerned about potential break ins and vandalism, security films make ingress difficult and our higher-grade films are even bombproof, providing you with the ultimate peace of mind.

A Comfortable and Productive Environment

UV-blocking solar films can make any working space more pleasant and productive. Glare from the sun when cast on to computer screens can cause excessive eye-strain, headaches, and generally lowers productivity. Our solar films reduce this glare by up to 94%, improving your team’s well-being and productivity, whilst also blocking excess heat or cold that may be coming in through your windows.

Stylish and Professional

Our wide range of window films can enhance the appearance of your premises with a uniform, contemporary look. We stock a vast range of colours and finishes, so you are sure to find a solution that both suits the aesthetic of your building and provides a practical benefit too. If you want something different or eye catching, our graphics department are on hand to create a bespoke design that incorporates the practical benefits of window films with an attractive branded look.

Reduce Fading and UV Damage

Sunshine beaming through your windows on a warm day is lovely, but over time UV rays found in natural sunlight can be magnified by plain glass, causing furniture, assets and fittings to fade. Purchasing replacement fixtures regularly can start to eat away at a business’ bottom line. By blocking up to 99% of ultraviolet light, our solar films drastically minimise this bleaching effect; meaning that your furniture and fittings stay looking their best for as long as possible with minimal expense.


All of our films are installed by our fully trained fitters who have many years of experience in the window film industry. Installation is carried out with minimum disruption and mess and is normally completed within a day, depending on the size of the contract. We are happy to work out of hours if required.


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